There’s a Buddha in my Bathroom.

I have a Buddha statue near my fave lounge spot. A friend commented on its position, and I explained I like to think he loves it cause this is where we meditate. When not being assaulted by the cats or the smell of coffee in the morning.

It got me thinking about the placement of religious statues. I had a friend who had a beautiful Buddha in her bathroom. I was secretly a bit horrified. But let’s be honest, lots of people put Buddha everywhere as a decorator item. It was very ‘in’ for a while. Maybe I just thought we were exempt because my partner had been a member of a Buddhist order and obtained the statue then. I think I had a slight case of “the holier than thou”.

So, should I use religious icons in decorating?

There are a few different thoughts on this. If I am not religious or spiritual should I take icons, like statues of Jesus, those cool ‘day of the dead’ crosses, or a Hindu Ganesh and use them as I want to?

Some die-hard followers are like ‘No way, Jose, get your own icon’! That was a bit like me with the Buddha, but you know, I am not actually a Buddhist. Just someone with mega respect for the dude. I now believe there is a place for anything in your home that inspires you. For whatever reason. Ticking bombs or things that are offensive to your housemates might be the exception. It may be that pictures of Mother Mary really float your boat, even though you have never set foot in a church. Or like me, Hopi Indian Kachina statues are your thing, also though I am clearly not a Hopi Indian – at least not this time around.

Areas of the home that will feel the vibes

In Feng Shui, there are a couple of areas of the house dedicated to remembering influences that help you. These are the Knowledge and Wisdom, and the Helpful people and Travel zones (or ‘guas”) generally found on the front left and the front right third of your house respectively. Both are significant areas to have images that have higher wisdom or helpful energy about them. I think this is the case even if you don’t feel a strong pull to that icon. Think of it this way, probably millions of people have imbued these figures with love and devotion and related to them as sacred. I do think some of that comes with the item whether it is made from gold or is a cheap knock off from Bali.

Times are a-changing, and quickly. People are searching for meaning, love and comfort at home. And images can bring us that even if we are not overtly religious or spiritual. Even when we don’t understand why we just know, they look or feel right. There are some bonus vibes there.

So, if you want to put a Buddha in your bathroom – go right ahead.

No judgement here!

Love to hear your thoughts. Does a Buddha in the bathroom float your boat, or a cross on the wall bring you peace?

Let me know – where have you have used icons in your decorating?

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