The Desire Map workshops

“I’ve wanted to do the Desire Map workshop for years and I finally came across Annette at the perfect time. I had so much fun at the workshop. It was a beautiful location, a nice sized group and Annette made it a sacred and safe space to explore my core desired feelings. She also has an awesome sense of humour which really resonated with me and made the workshop even more enjoyable. She was such a pro at facilitating. I thoroughly enjoyed it and really look forward to attending more of Annette’s workshops in the future. “

Hayley Brenton,  Extraordinary Living,


“Completing Levels 1 and 2 of the Desire Map gave me an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of my life and to develop a more deliberate and meaningful path forward. Annette offers the perfect blend of gentle guidance, humour, and support, that creates the ideal environment for change to happen.”


Working with organisations

“Annette is an excellent strategist and innovator. She played a central role in shaping EACH’s future directions through the PESTLE analysis. Her analytical skills coupled with macro perspective of the world allows her to identify emerging issues and its impact on society and organisations. She was also instrumental in developing and running our first ever Social Innovation Lab – a creative space where we co-designed our service model with consumers. I highly recommend Annette for her strategy and innovation capabilities.”

Hang Vo
Director, Strategy, Planning and Development, EACH