Intentional Interiors Workshop

“Annette, thanks so much for your inspiring Intentional Interiors workshop. It was fascinating and jam-packed full of practical ideas to transform my home and my life. You are passionate and knowledgeable. I had many new insights about myself and learnt many gems. I’ve begun re-creating my space and I already feel a shift within myself and am excited to see where this will lead!”

Nyree. March 2019

“I had the inspiring pleasure of attending ‘Intentional Interiors’ workshop. I was so excited by the title and thought this is exactly what I need, combining spiritual intention with practical advice. Annette certainly delivered on both fronts. Using principles of Feng Shui, interior design and intention Annette used her expertise and knowledge to lay out a roadmap for creating a beautiful intentional space in participants’ homes. With easy to follow principles Annette guided us through both the philosophy of Feng Shui and creative practical tasks. This workshop was much more than a Feng Shui workshop though, it contained guided meditation, art activities and so much more. As participants, we were given all we needed to start working with space straight away. I came away feeling confident to tackle even the most chaotic of rooms (there are a few 😉. Annette provided so much information as well to take home so we could continue with confidence.”

Sally, March 2019

Home Energetics (Feng Shui & Clutter) residential consultations

“Last week I had one of the most beautiful life experiences with Annette. What a joy it was for her to come into my home and intentionally and intuitively guide and advise me on how to create greater harmony in my home and allow the flow of all things to be just that… in flow.

I was in love with my home before but I love it even more and the small changes and adjustments and additions I will add over time will be felt and experienced by me, my family and those who enter this house. For that I am deeply grateful.
It was also fun and I’m all about fun!
Thanks Annette. This is truly your gift. ♥️

Lisa, August 2019

“The Intentional Interiors workshop was such a wonderful experience. I attended the workshop following an in home consultation with Annette when I was doing the research an planning for a significant renovation. During the consultation Annette highlighted that the Health and Well-being area was missing in my home which was pretty significant. Her consultation coincided with our planning process with the building designer and with that information I was able to make an informed decision about the layout and design of our home using the Feng Shui principles and address the problem I had.

The workshop consolidated everything that I had learnt during the initial consultation. Annette was a great facilitator who bought to life the principles of Feng Shui in an easy to understand, simple way, sweetened with a bit of her charming humour. She created a beautiful energy in the space to learn with the other participants. Having the workshop in her home added a richness to the experience because it was like a live demonstration, seeing the different ways Feng Shui can be applied in a home .

Loved It!
Thank you !!!”

Deborah  2018 and 2019

The Desire Map workshop

“I’ve wanted to do the Desire Map workshop for years and I finally came across Annette at the perfect time. I had so much fun at the workshop. It was a beautiful location, a nice sized group and Annette made it a sacred and safe space to explore my core desired feelings. She also has an awesome sense of humour which really resonated with me and made the workshop even more enjoyable. She was such a pro at facilitating. I thoroughly enjoyed it and really look forward to attending more of Annette’s workshops in the future. “

Hayley Brenton,  Extraordinary Living,

“Completing Levels 1 and 2 of the Desire Map gave me an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of my life and to develop a more deliberate and meaningful path forward. Annette offers the perfect blend of gentle guidance, humour, and support, that creates the ideal environment for change to happen.”


‘The Desire Mapping Workshop I took with Annette was such a powerful day of exploration and connection for me. Annette’s warm, authentic and hospitable nature makes you feel comfortable and safe immediately which made way for trusting her for the kind of work and themes we went into for ourselves over the course of the day. I really love the intuitive way she works and got everyone to try and tap into themselves. I felt incredibly trusting with her as an experienced facilitator and individual. The day had a retreat feel to it up in the beautiful Dandenongs and in her gorgeous home… not to mention the incredible wholesome but mind-blowingly delicious food she home cooked and spoilt us with!’


”Annette is a really skilled facilitator, who makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, and provides the ability for you to really open up. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with The Desire Map, but I’m really glad I did the workshop. It’s helped me to think more about how I want to feel every day and use this to guide me, rather than setting unrealistic expectations of where I want to be. I’ve already found this useful in both my professional and my personal life, and even my husband is appreciating this heartfelt approach!”


The Fire Starter Sessions

”Fire Starter Sessions with Annette really helped me to pinpoint what is it that I feel truly connected to and where do I see my career and life heading. The sessions were at a transition in my life and career and I’m so grateful to Annette for her kindness, wisdom and truly giving me the space to feel heard and understood. The content and questions in the sessions really got me thinking about things in new and creative ways and this lead to a deeper feeling of purpose and connection with myself. Annette is such a beautiful person and each session left me feeling inspired, encouraged and with lots of ideas to explore. Thank you, Annette!”


Working with organisations

“Annette is an excellent strategist and innovator. She played a central role in shaping EACH’s future directions through the PESTLE analysis. Her analytical skills coupled with the macro perspective of the world allows her to identify emerging issues and its impact on society and organisations. She was also instrumental in developing and running our first ever Social Innovation Lab – a creative space where we co-designed our service model with consumers. I highly recommend Annette for her strategy and innovation capabilities.”

Hang Vo
Former Director, Strategy, Planning and Development, EACH