Intentional Interiors

I write a lot of blogs about homes with soul.

I love talking interiors. I love colour and calm. But I have had plenty of junk rooms, weird spaces and overwhelm. My blogs are a chance for me to share things I have learned along the way from multiple renovations, helping people stage their houses for sale, and formal and informal study, including Feng Shui. It’s also a chance to hear from you about your experiences in making a space you love. I love to learn new things. Setting your intention for what you want to achieve and how you want to feel in your home is a great place to start – hence the name – Intentional Interiors.
You deserve to flourish in your home and have fun getting there. The world needs more happy people.

I offer personalised Home Energy consultations using Feng Shui. I am an accredited Feng Shui consultant through the Earth Home School. These in-home sessions take approximately 2 hours (depending on house size) and include analysis of energy in your home, advice on clutter issues, feng shui assessment and can include advice for presenting homes for sale if required.

Please feel free to contact me via email for more info on Home Energy consultations in Melbourne- info  Or I am easily contacted via Facebook messenger too (see below).

I also offer Intentional Interiors workshops. This is a  fun day reflecting on your home and how it can support you to achieve your hopes and dreams.

“I had the inspiring pleasure of attending ‘Intentional Interiors’ workshop. I was so excited by the title and thought this is exactly what I need, combining spiritual intention with practical advice. Annette certainly delivered on both fronts. Using principles of Feng Shui, interior design and intention Annette used her expertise and knowledge to lay out a roadmap for creating a beautiful intentional space in participants’ homes. With easy to follow principles Annette guided us through both the philosophy of Feng Shui and creative practical tasks. This workshop was much more than a Feng Shui workshop though, it contained guided meditation, art activities and so much more. As participants, we were given all we needed to start working with space straight away. I came away feeling confident to tackle even the most chaotic of rooms (there are a few 😉. Annette provided so much information as well to take home so we could continue with confidence.”

Sally, March 2019

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By June 2019 I will be expanding my offerings to include clutter clearing coaching.

You can find my blogs here. I also have a Facebook page of the same name. xx