Clutter, identity and your digital life

Best quote about clutter ever ! It absolutely holds you back, in surprising ways. Clutter can be in a variety of forms..for example, digital clutter..the latest frontier. Have you considered the 5000 emails and 1000 photos on your phone are a type of clutter? They can make you anxious every time you open the phone or at the very least are a reminder of things you need to deal with.

On a deeper level, they can also represent aspects of yourself that are no longer relevant. For example, employment contracts for places that take up space in the filing cabinet or the lingering work or professional emails that are no longer “you”. They can keep you in a past identity.

It is definitely more comfortable to hold on to digital clutter because it appears to take up no real room now our device memory is so large. But it is are taking up energetic space!

So another way to shake yourself loose when you are feeling stuck is to get into the inbox and delete the emails. Even the archived ones and the ones you once thought were crucial! Especially if you recognise that you are not that person anymore or that you don’t want to be associated with that identity. See how it feels! Is this something you could imagine doing? I’d love to know.

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