Christmas Colours – What do they mean?

We associate some colours, (red, gold and green), with Xmas and once a year we act as though possessed running around streaming anything that doesn’t move (and some things that do – see the slideshow below) with gold bead chains and fake ivy. Or is that just me?

So I was fascinated to find out a bit more about the history of the colours and their meaning more generally.

RED: A fave Xmas colour of mine! While it can traditionally represent the blood of Christ, it can also symbolise the red heart and the teaching of love. That is the spirit of the season to me!

Red was also the colour of Saint Nicholas’s robes – hence translating to Santa’s cool and highly practical pant suit.

Red generally symbolisies love, passion, strength and joy. During the rest of the year it can be a good colour to use where you want to promote these feelings. Possibly in moderation – depending on exactly where that area is in your home and it’s function. Some people can find it too stimulating.

GREEN: Very much related to the northern hemisphere history of Xmas, evergreen branches symbolised..’hang on, it WILL get better and lighter and we will soon be drinking beer on the beach and surfing again’. Or planting stuff.

Holly grows anywhere and in very difficult situations, just like how ivy threatens to take over my back fence here in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. It symbolised Christ’s birth in difficult circumstances. In the middle ages when people couldn’t read, Paradise plays were performed with a Pine tree with red apples representing Adam and Eve’s story. Hence the modern Xmas tree.

Green symbolises fertility, renewal, spring and can restore depleted energies. It is associated with certain areas of the home in Feng Shui and at some point I will do a post on this too.

GOLD: Is the colour of giving. It appears in many different religions (Gold Buddhas, Gold Menorah). It was one of the gifts the three wise men gave in the Christmas story. It is light, warmth, the sun and the stars. All very important in northern hemisphere winter Xmas. It became associated with the Star followed by the three wise men and has traditionally been used as the tree topper star.

Gold symbolises illumination, love, compassion, magic and wisdom. It is precious as in the metal gold. And for many it is a sacred colour, used as adornment in their homes. It is associated with luxury too. Sometimes it’s good to incorporate some into areas of the home where you want to feel abundant, like a study or office. Or wherever you want to feel any of things described above.

I do feel this is a colour to use in moderation though. I went through a gold phase where I had a lot of gold things and quickly felt overwhelmed by the energy of it. While it is a colour of confidence it can become overbearing – just like some overly confident people can!

I would love to hear about your Xmas…. -💞 What colours do you use and why?
💞 Are you a traditionalist?
💞 Or do you like a really unique or contemporary look?

The Colours of Xmas

Acknowledgements- Photos in the slideshow come from Upslash – Toni Cuenca – Aaron Burden – – Jakob Owens – Rawpixel – Erin Walker.

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