Hi, I’m Annette

I believe we all want more joy.

It is our birthright to flourish and feel happy. But sometimes it can feel like one step forward and two steps back!
There may be life transitions happening – birth of children, caring for elderly parents or career challenges. Or just that restless feeling of “there has to be more than this day to day grind”.

Figuring out how we want to feel and pursuing it on a daily basis is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those around us. We become happier and better equipped to deal with whatever life is putting in front of us!

I support people to align their hearts and minds and move forward boldly.

I believe the personal is the global
(and that change is possible, and inevitable)

There is enough for everyone. Enough resources, enough love, and even enough time! Finding the voice of your heart lets you the change the external landscape through transforming your internal reality.

We have reached the ‘tipping point’ described by Buckminster Fuller, where the world has enough and is enough to support all. As we find our happiest self we can impact the world in the way we want to. We can share in this abundance and provide care for the planet.

I support people to see the abundance and take action to make an impact at whatever level they wish.

I believe the future is closer than we think and brighter than the TV news tells us.

As a futurist I see the potential and the possibility in technology and human development. We are on the brink of many new technologies becoming commonplace. Technology is helping us connect and enabling great strides forward including empowering the world’s poorest to access resources.

But this is uncharted territory in human development. As we are at the beginning of the information age with so much more before us, what will it mean to be human? How will we evolve?

We need people and organisations equipped to transform to meet these challenges with insight, empathy and self-mastery.

I offer people and organisations a range of services to charter this territory.

The official bio..

Annette has over 25 years experience working in the health and human services sector, as a direct service provider, manager, mentor, group trainer and facilitator and more recently as a coach and innovation strategist.

She is a life long learner and along the way has gathered two degrees in social work (honours level) and psychology and a training qualification. Inspired by the power of Danielle LaPorte’s work Annette became an official licensed facilitator of the Desire Map and Fire Starter coaching sessions in 2017. Annette has also studied alternative healing and Chinese practices including Reiki, Touch for Health and is a qualified Feng Shui consultant!  She also is a teacher of Nia Dance which is a mix of martial arts, healing arts and dance arts.

Her superpower is in supporting people to explore new ideas and views of themselves in challenging but transformative times. Her intention is to help people find their own superpowers to benefit themselves and their community.

After studying Strategic Foresight at post graduate level she is  a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. She assists organisations prepare for the future and to introduce innovative and value driven ways of serving their communities. She is interested in leadership development and is currently developing a program for mid level and senior managers with a focus on self mastery, integral leadership and the future.

She also loves cats, snowboarding and bacon. (Oh, and one of  these may be false.)