The official bio.

I have over 25 years of experience working in the health and human services sector, as a direct service provider, manager, mentor, group trainer and facilitator and more recently as an innovation strategist.

I’m a bit of a life long learner so along the way I have gathered two degrees in social work (honours level) and psychology and a training qualification. Loving Danielle LaPorte’s work I became an officially licensed facilitator of the Desire Map and Fire Starter coaching sessions in 2017. These are available now upon request.

I have also studied alternative healing and traditional Chinese practices including Reiki, Touch for Health and I am a qualified Feng Shui consultant through Tisha Morris’s Earth Home School.

Inspired by clearing through my own clutter I am currently completing a Clutter Clearing coaching course!  I also plan to do some additional training in understanding and applying colour in interiors to help complement the services I already offer under ‘Intentional Interiors – creating homes with soul’. Workshops and individual consultations are available now.

After studying Strategic Foresight at the postgraduate level I became a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. Partly just so I could say I was but mostly so I can assist organisations to prepare for the future and to introduce innovative and value-driven ways of serving their communities. As a consultant, this has included social media, communications and business support to small firms.

A lot of this website is dedicated to blogging, cos I am a little bit mouthy.

Oh and I  love cats, snowboarding and tree hugging. (Mmm, one of  these may be false.)